What exactly is an As-Built survey?

What exactly is an As-Built survey?

If you're a contractor, builder, developer, or architect, then you know that an as-built survey is an important part of the project. But what is it exactly? An as-built survey, also known as a "record document", is a document that lists the precise location and dimensions of all or specific elements constructed as part of a development. It's basically a blueprint of the finished product. Why do you need one? Keep reading to find out!

In more and more cases, as-built surveys are being required by municipalities and other approval agencies as a requirement to receive a certificate of occupancy, or acceptance of a development or construction project. They can be required as part of government, residential, commercial, or any other type of construction project. More often than not, they will be required at the completion of a project, but in some cases, they me be periodically required during the construction of a project to insure that all applicable codes and requirements are being met.

Some common types of As-Built surveys are:

Stormwater Pond Certification - These are required to insure the contractor has built the stormwater pond as designed by the civil engineer to avoid any potential issues with flooding and/or erosion control.

Flood Certification - These are required to insure a structure has been built at a higher elevation than the base flood elevation as determined by FEMA.

Stormwater or Sanitary Sewer As-Built - Many municipalities will require that an as-built survey be completed prior to them accepting ownership of the stormwater or sanitary sewer system.

Foundation As-builts - These are generally required during construction, and prior to the building being constructed, to insure the building will be in compliance with zoning codes and in the proper location.

While there are more types of as-builts, they are all performed by a licensed surveyor to insure accuracy, and in some cases, an engineer's certification may be required, stating the project or portion of the project have been built in accordance with the design documents.

Whatever the reason for the as-built survey, they do protect owners, financiers, and other interested parties from potential problems and possible law suits. If you find yourself in need of an as-built survey, please reach out to us!