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Gonzalez-Strength & Associates has the information and technology to perform all of your surveying services at the foremost level of professional excellence.  There are 8 Professional Land Surveyors and 13 survey crews ready to tackle the largest construction project or the smallest boundary survey. We're ready to serve you with competitive pricing, and and a survey done right, the first time.

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Depending on your project's scope of work a drone survey may be the right choice.  With several licensed drone operators and survey grade drones we can tackle some of the biggest jobs more quickly and efficiently. Not only can drones perform surveys quicker, but they can be much safer than traditional surveying. Drones have changed the Geospatial Industry and GSA has been on the cutting edge along the way.  

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Also known as laser scanning or terrestrial scanning, LIDAR is quickly becoming mainstream. The field data can be collected exponentially quicker than traditional surveying methods and is extremely accurate. It also provides a great level of safety for many applications.  Our ground based LIDAR scanning system is cutting edge and may just be the right tool for your project.  Call us today and find out more about our scanning services. 

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The Right Tools and The Right Experience

No matter the type of land surveying services you need, we've got the experience and competitive pricing you deserve.  

  • Lot Certification
  • ALTA Standard Survey
  • Record Map
  • Subdivision Plat
  • Topographic Survey
  • Aerial Surveys
  • Construction Staking Services
  • As-built Drawings
  • Flood Certifications
  • Boundary Surveys
  • GPS Control 
  • Line Staking
  • Tree Surveys
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Easement Exhibits
  • House Staking

Surveying to a higher standard

interior Lidar scanning for architects

Gonzalez Strength Associates is excited to offer our clients state of the art technology with Interior Lidar Scanning (laser measuring) for your architectural needs. The time-honored methods of manual data gathering using tape measures, distometers, drawings and photographs are fast being superseded with this innovative technology. Your data can now be delivered in a matter of days instead of weeks which makes this a very cost effective tool. Our Lidar scans can provide clients a 3-D view/model of building interiors with astonishing detail and accuracy.

This specialized surveying tool uses an advanced high definition laser scanner to collect millions of data points. GSA’s skilled technicians then use the data points to develop a 3D computer model which can be exported to traditional CAD software for analysis and rendering providing you with precise calculations and measurements. Lidar scanning is optimal for a variety of projects by assisting in spatial planning, scale, and aesthetic development such as a furniture lay-out template and lighting designs with a relative accuracy to within ⅛ - 1/16 of an inch. Lidar scans are a great asset for client presentations as a spatial model for visualization of room size and shape for interior decoration and building renovations.

Need an ALTA Surveyor in Birmingham or the State of Alabama?

What is an ALTA Survey?
In 1962, the ALTA survey was created to be a document on which the title insurer could rely to make specific underwriting decisions regarding the deletion of the standard survey exceptions within a title policy. An ALTA land title survey ensures your title policy is comprehensive and all exception matters are identified, reviewed and addressed. The ALTA land title survey provides you and your team of title professionals a clear view of improvements, easements, rights-of-way and other elements that may impact the ownership and use of the subject property and control the financial risk for the owners and lenders.

A Specialized Survey:
Unlike a common boundary or topographic survey, an ALTA survey meets the highest standard recognized throughout the country and is required by most commercial lenders. The ALTA survey provides a volume of information such as:

  • Property boundaries
  • Encroachments
  • Easement and encumbrances
  • Evidence of use by other parties
  • Names of neighboring property owners
  • Structural improvements
  • Roads and property features
  • Access and legal routes to the property
  • Water boundaries
  • Flood zone classification
  • Zoning classification
  • Existence of cemeteries
  • Legal description of property

Why Choose GSA?
Choosing the right surveyor for your ALTA survey is crucial. Many companies (brokers) you find on the internet actually farm out the work to local surveyors, some of which are hardly qualified and without the proper insurance. They can leave you grossly uninformed or exposed on the purchase of your property.

At Gonzalez Strength and Associates, we have 8 In house professional land surveyors and 13 survey crews. We provide over thirty years of experience conducting thousands of ALTA surveys. Our work is time efficient and on budget. With GSA, you can be assured of quality ALTA surveys to meet your needs for commercial land development.

Surveying Beyond Alabama

As Professional Land Surveyors, we work with developers, contractors, and homeowners all across the State of Alabama. We're also License Professional Surveyors in Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia.  We've surveyed thousands of projects all across the Southeast, and are ready to serve you wherever you need us.