What is Lidar Surveying?


Lidar Scanning - Saving Time and Money

What is lidar surveying? Lidar, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a surveying technology that uses pulsed laser light to measure distances and its had a huge impact on the surveying industry. In this blog post, we will discuss what lidar surveying is and how it can benefit your project!

Lidar is a form of laser scanning that uses light to measure distances. It can be used to create a three-dimensional map of an object or area. Lidar surveying is often used for mapping and engineering projects, as well as in the mining and agriculture industries.

Lidar has many advantages over traditional surveying methods. For starters, lidar is much faster than traditional survey methods. It can also produce more accurate results, especially when it comes to measuring small objects or features. Lidar is also less affected by weather conditions than traditional survey methods, making it a better choice for many projects.

Ground based lidar scanners are especially useful for surveying highways or construction sites. Drones are also capable of carrying Lidar equipment and are great at capturing topographic data over large areas in a very short amount of time. In both cases, the surveyor can avoid potentially dangerous situations, such as surveying the side of steep terrain, or the pavement of a very busy highway.

While Lidar scanners are still relatively expensive, they are a great investment saving both the surveyors and their clients time and money. Gonzalez-Strength & Associates has invested in both ground based and drone based Lidar equipment. Talk to us about your next project and we'll see if Lidar scanning is a good fit.


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